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Standardbred Horse Racing

May 20, 2017 by Charles W. Davis

Those who know me, know that years ago I owned a large standardbred training facility and had a number of horses. Okay often over a dozen. However, negative impacts after 9 11 caused the racing industry to nearly collapse and I was one of many who could no longer stay in the industry. The cost to keep a race horse in training can be about $5,000 a horse and if they are not earning purses that all comes out of the owners pocket.

I have missed the horses, both the connection with them and the thrill of seeing them race. Last year, I saw an ad for a fractional ownership stable. So after some email exchanges and some thinking about it, I purchased a 2% share in a two year old filly.I won’t talk much about that investment other to say, I was not happy with the way the fractional ownership is done.

However, I do like the concept and even went to a new owner seminar at the local racetrack. After the seminar, I was more enthused about getting involved in harness racing again. However, my limited budget means I can not get a horse on my own nor even with a partner or two. I had heard about The Stable last year and went to the open house they held in early December. I had a wonderful day and was impressed with the operation and the horses. Before driving the almost three hours to the training facility, I had looked over the pedigrees of a few of the horses. I had told myself that if I like what I saw when there, I would buy a share in one horse. So, I left owning a one percent share of a New York eligible filly. Sally De Vie

harness racing

Sally De Vie being led out to her training.

After being home for a few days, I realized I had made a mistake. I should not had limited myself to one horse. A fast email and I now have a one percent on two horses. It may not be much, but I am an owner and each months training bills is less than a nice dinner.  The video below is Dewey Ann on Mother’s day my other 1% horse. For best viewing, start the video and then click fill screen.

standardbred sirchas

Dewey Ann

I was one of about three hundred people that spent their Mother’s Day at the Tomiko Training Centre near Puslinch, ON. The event was called the 2017 Spring Showcase and was held by The Stable. Thirty nine horses were showcased, spread over seven sets of either five or six horses. Owners and their families came out to meet each other and see their horses train. The day was bright and mostly sunny with a breeze that kicked up every now and then, a perfect spring day to be outside. When I stood by the rail on Mother’s Day and watched my horses enter the track, there was a sense of pride. It may only be one percent but they were my horses. When they go for their qualifiers in the next month or so, I will be there. When they race in the NYSS, I will be there. At first, I had thought that the distance I am from the farm would lead me to lose touch with the development of my horses. However, the wise use of live broadcast, updated web pages and social media has kept me and the other owners updated. is just a click away. I am looking forward to an exciting racing season and some winner circle photographs.

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