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Traveling Nomad

Around 35 years ago, I realized that I never really had a vacation. My travel in the military had taken me to a few places but I did not explore what was available while I was there. Anytime I had something planned, Yong would change her mind, and we would cancel.

I made a New Year’s Resolution that I would start taking vacations. The initial plan was one long weekend and one longer trip. Part of it was that if Yong did not want to go, I would go by myself. My first long weekend away was to Gatlinburg Tennessee where I learned to ski. A few months later, I was on my first cruise.

A second and third cruise quickly followed. When I was later transferred to Germany, I made the most of it. I traveled when ever I could and most weekends in the winter saw me skiing. The travel bug had me, and I have enjoyed traveling ever since. Trip Adviser Travel Map

When I started working in the Philippines, I became certified as a scuba diver. Eventually scuba over took skiing as my passion. Still, the travel is alive.

Travel for life

Travel has become a pillar of my life. There have been years when I have been away from home for more than three months. I do not plan on stopping soon. As a freelance writer, I can work from anywhere. The earning from my writing supports my travel.

I will have a blog category of traveling nomad and the most recent articles will appear here.