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Hello, I am the Scuba Diving Nomad  Charles Davis, a professional freelance writer that writes for the scuba diving and travel niches. Since those are my two passions in life, it made sense that those topics are my main interest in writing. The TV program Sea Hunt made a big impression on me as did the early Bond movies when I was a child. In my senior year in high school (1972) a good friend Wally was a scuba instructor with YMCA. One day he brought his equipment to school, and we sat in the pool breathing underwater. I was hooked, however, my swimming was not up to the standards and I could not start a certification class. I started certification classes five time and each time something came up to interrupt my training. In 1997, I was working in the Philippines for a US corporation and had each weekend free, I was finally able to complete my open water certification and for the year that followed dived every weekend.

I was diving at Subic Bay Philippines, home of a former US Navy base, with a selection of reef sites and over a dozen wrecks. At the time little was known of the wrecks and some stories told did not make sense. 1999 saw me back in the states near Washington D.C. When I had a day off during the week, I would go to the Washington Navy Yard and research in the archive. Overtime, I was able to identify the major wrecks and establish the history. In late 2003, I moved back to the Philippines to “retire”. In 2006 after almost three years of changing scopes, drafts and rewrites my first book was published. The “Subic Bay Travel and Dive Guide”.

USS New York ARC-2
One of the Shipwreck diving sites at Subic Bay USS New York

Since then, I have written other books, many as a ghost writer, and thousands of articles for websites. I have also become a part-time digital nomad. I spend a great deal of time traveling, and I am location independent. I can work anywhere I can get a Wi-Fi signal.

This website will be my Semi-professional site. It will show some of my professional writing along with some personal viewpoints and articles. My contently pages shows some of my writing and by Travel and Scuba specialist page is my professional site.

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