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My Thoughts a collection of blogs not about Travel, scuba diving or writing.

My Thoughts a collection of blogs not about Travel, scuba diving or writing.

Some people will find this hard to believe, but there is more to my life than travel and scuba diving.  I am creating this page to pull together the blog post that I have and will make, that do not directly fall into the travel, scuba diving or writing categories. Here, I will post blogs about My Thoughts and other things going on in life.

I do travel a great deal and it is a portion of what makes up my life. Still, there are other aspects of life and I am on the road only about half the time.

I spend some time each week doing volunteer work. There are also some projects that I do Pro Bono.

I keep telling myself, I will get back into running. Has not happen yet, however, I do walk a great deal.



Hope you enjoy a look into other parts of my life.


Life is a beach and so much more.

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