My Thoughts a collection of blogs not about Travel, scuba diving or writing.

My Thoughts- Life Is A Beach

My Thoughts and Other Items

My Thoughts a collection of blogs not about Travel, scuba diving or writing.
My Thoughts a collection of blogs not about Travel, scuba diving or writing.

Some people will find this hard to believe, but there is more to my life than travel and scuba diving.  I am creating this page to pull together the blog post that I have and will make, that do not directly fall into the travel, scuba diving or writing categories. Here, I will post blogs about My Thoughts and other things going on in life.

I do travel a great deal and it is a portion of what makes up my life. Still, there are other aspects of life and I am on the road only about half the time.

I spend some time each week doing volunteer work. There are also some projects that I do Pro Bono.

I keep telling myself, I will get back into running. Has not happen yet, however, I do walk a great deal.



Hope you enjoy a look into other parts of my life.


Life is a beach and so much more.

tinker park

Henrietta Forcefully Relocates Minority Village

Henrietta Forcefully Relocates Minority Village The Greatest atrocities in the history of man kind started with the forcible relocation of a small minority group. Yet, this past week we see the government of the Town of Henrietta forcible relocate the peaceful Fairy village that has existed for the past five years in Tinker Park. Without due process or a clear location where these fairies would go, the park staff removed the village. The reason the park staff gave? “WE” do not like the type of people that came to visit the Fairies. THEY stated that the Fairy Village attracted people to the park, causing the park to be used by more people. This resulted in the nature trails showing signs of use. Their complaint of litter is valid, but do you kill the goose that laid the golden age? Is it not the purpose of the park to get more people out to enjoy nature? Does the park not have an environmental message that those who are littering need to learn? Is cleaning litter an act that the park staff feel is beneath them? What the next step? I and many other enjoy the wild life found in the park. Will the park staff start to kill off the waterfowl and deer that call the park home so fewer people will use the nature trails? I enjoy walking the few trails the Tinker Park has. It WAS good to see young families walking the trails and the enthusiasm the children had while looking at the Fairy homes. I see the removal of the Fairy Village as a statement from the Park, that the children even the adults of our town are not important to them. I understand the concern about litter, but this is not the way to address the issue. The concern about the trail use? If more people using the trails are wearing them out, then increase the budget for the park. We need more people out in the outdoors, learning about nature and what we need to do to save our environment. Get them away from cell phones and online games and out to see the ducks, geese, squirrels and the deer that lives around the Fairy Village. Bring back the Fairy Village. Protect minority rights.

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horse racing harness standardbred

Standardbred Horse Racing

Those who know me, know that years ago I owned a large standardbred training facility and had a number of horses. Okay often over a dozen. However, negative impacts after 9 11 caused the racing industry to nearly collapse and I was one of many who could no longer stay in the industry. The cost to keep a race horse in training can be about $5,000 a horse and if they are not earning purses that all comes out of the owners pocket.     When I originally wrote this article bak in May 2017, I owned 1% of 2 horses. I have recently expanded to where i not have 1% in five horses. To keep my followers ( Ihope there are some out there) informed on the new Charles Davis Stables I have created a new website. Please visit it. just follow the link to the Charles Davis Stables 1% horses