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Why Freelanced Content?

Freelanced Content. Not every company has the need for a full time writer, nor a skilled employee who can write advertising material or online content. That is where  freelance content can save you. A freelance writer can bring to your organization the skills you need without the overhead of a full time staff member.

Recent Freelanced Content  for Scuba Diving

One of the aspects of being a freelance writer is that many times what you write does not carry your name. This practice is often called ghost-written. The common practice is that the ownership of the copyright passes upon payment. Some publications have Non-disclosure agreements (NDA) which prohibits you from mentioning what articles you have written, so even to the point that you do any writing for them. Most of what I write falls in the ghost-written category, however, there are a few that appears in my name or without any restrictions.


Over the last few years,my freelanced content has helped me built a reputation for outstanding articles for the travel and scuba diving industry. My clients come from a mix of sources. Some are from my Upwork profile. Upwork is a freelance site that is the result of the merger of two of the largest freelance sites, Odesk and Elance. A few are from the different linkin groups I am a member of, my linkin profile.  Some are from the local area, and many are now from referrals or being contacted after a potential clients read some of my articles.

One of the things I have seen frequently is that many in the dive industry do not have a strong background in business. Also, some of the accreditation agencies are stressing facebook as the best way to market. Facebook is great to keep your name in front of your current “friends”, but does nothing to find new clients. A good website is much better to getting new clients and to close a booking.

Here is a summary of the updates on this site:

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