Aqwary Ambassador

aqwary-dual-pack-2-600x630 If you have checked out my facebook page or that of Johan’s beach and dive resort you will see that I posted link for the Aqwary Ambassador program. This is the same product I did a review for early in the year on dive report and the Russian website. It will share information underwater such as air remaining, allow you to locate your dive buddy and even send programmed SMS messages. The Aqwary company are looking for promoters of their products using an Ambassador program. They are looking for divers who will use the smart console, report their observations and share the experience with other divers. A portion of their evaluation is completing some task many are focused on social media. My post on Johan’s facebook page got a few shares and over 360 impressions, I had some on my facebook but it is a personal page so I do not know the number of impressions. My tweet was retweeted so that helps. One of the extra task it to write a blog on why you are the best person to become one of their ambassadors. So for those who read my blogs, either my titled entries or those I ghost write please excuse my self promotion. I mostly dive in Subic Bay which is a tourist destination in the Philippines The diving in our bay is different from most of the Philippines. Our visibility is not as great and our coral reefs are scattered. What we do have is a collection of ship wrecks and plane wrecks that is unmatched in the Philippines. We have a dozen shipwreck dive sites within limits of the recreational diver and more than another dozen in the technical diving limits. We have four additional dive sites soon to be five, that are the of plane crashes. About 10% of the divers are locals with about 75% of the rest international divers. While I generally dive with one dive center, I know all the dive masters and instructors in the area and have a good working relationship with them. One of the things that I would be in the position to do is have test dives where the second smart console would be given to an international guest and I would be his dive buddy. I could ask them to post a

Keep track of your dive buddies
Keep track of your dive buddies

review on their facebook page. I would write about my dives not only on my facebook and pages but could also do so on the Subic Bay Dive Association web page and Johan Beach and Dive resorts. My post on Johan’s get between 350 to 1,400 impressions depending on the topic. On the Johan’s page I write about the diving and dive sites in my name. Johan wanted to add my reputation and following on his site. I have a good reputation as a diver and writer. Post about training, I also write about but it passes through Johan before being posted. Rooms, restaurant and catering articles are also written by me before being posted in Resort’s name. We are currently mapping a newly found aircraft. Having the Aqwary smart console on our dive the other day would have been great. We were doing a search for a missing piece but had difficulty keeping track of each other. So a portion of our dive time was keeping track of each other. The Aqwary console would have done that for us. While I have been diving for about 18 years, this year may set new records for me. I have commitments to dive a couple days a week with one dive center and additional dives each month with 4 other centers. Soon I will be diving three days a week.

The website ask: Who can become an Aqwary Ambassador?

  • You are passionate about recreational diving – you dive a lot
  • You are passionate about diving with your friends or family
  • You are passionate about socially sharing your diving experiences – you have a wide network and are active in Social media
  • You are outgoing and excellent in expressing yourself in written and spoken English – people likes to read and listen to you
  • You want to be present of developing the next generation of diving technology

Each one describes me.

Looking forward to being an ambassador, and i am promise that you will get honest reviews. starting on your own site.

Thanks for your time.

Charles W Davis Jr. is the author of the “Subic Bay Travel and Dive Guide”, the most referenced source of information on the wrecks of Subic Bay. He is also the author of six other diving and travel books and has ghosted written a number of other books. A Freelance writer attracting clients from his own website and working on the upwork website as “Travel & Scuba Diving Specialist Have WIFI, Will Travel”.