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Bang Saray Thailand

Over the last year, I have been thinking of my next “retirement”. I still enjoy living in Subic Bay area of the Philippines but have been considering a lifestyle that included splitting the time between the Philippines and Thailand. I have been visiting Thailand a few times each year and enjoy the friendly laid back lifestyle there also. The biggest draw back for me is that few Thais speak English unlike the Philippines. As many know languages including English has always been a weak spot for me.Bang Saray Beach


Last year I looked at a condo project in Pattaya and liked it, In December I visited it again and a few others for comparison. One project I looked at is in Bang Saray. Bang Saray is about ten minutes from the city limits of Pattaya but is a very rural area, lightly developed. While looking at some information about condos in the area while on line I came across another project the Bang Saray Beach condominium. After a exchange of emails , I made a fast reservation and a few days later flew to Thailand to look at the project. Long story short I place a down payment on two 25 square meter units (about 300 square feet each) which will be redesigned into a one bedroom unit. It will take about two years to finish but when it is it should be a great place to take a vacation form paradise. The Photo was taken in December. If you look in the background you can see the skyline of Pattaya.


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