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Churches of Pampanga Philiippines

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The Spanish had the Philippines as a colony for over 500 years. Originally ruled from Spanish Mexico, it has a blend of cultures not seen elsewhere in Asia. Today, the Philippines is a predominate Catholic country. Over 80% of the people are Catholic with another more than 10% other christian faiths. This can be seen in the week long Holy Week celebrations, the observance of All Hallows Day and the 3 month long lead up to Christmas.
This small selection of churches located in the Province of Pampanga are some of the oldest in the country, but they are just a few of those left behind when the Spanish left in 1898.

I received a number of comments about the photographs I had taken of these churches, that I decided to publish them in a book.

It is not a very large book but it is very nice. It can be found on Amazon and ordered from any book store. Best way is to order from the createspace site for Churches of Pampanga

The Cobbler’s Children Have No Shoes The Writer No Blogs

As a writer, This point came home to me as I visited different exhibitors at the DEMA show last week. DEMA is the Dive Equipment Manufacturers Association. Each year they have an annual convention and a trade show. It attracts thousands upon thousands of individuals and companies from around the world. It is not a consumer show, but one that is meant to bring together professionals in the industry.

I was there with a media pass and as I talked to different people in the industry I realized that my Scuba Diving Nomad website had not really been updated recently. Clearly a case similar to where the cobbler was so busy making shoes for customers he had no time for his own children’s shoes. I am a writer but my own site is lacking.

What  is happening as a Scuba Writer

I currently have an article published twice a week on the leading scuba diving website. My author page on the site will show the items that I have written for them, post number 70 this year is pending publication. My recent article about shore diving in Bonaire was very well received.

lionfish dip

Lionfish Dip. a product featured at the DEMA show

In the last month, I have also ghost written a number of articles for the Dive zone website. I also did a few guest post on their behalf on other scuba diving and travel websites. As an example, I wrote an article about diving on the Great Barrier Reef that was on the travel tips website.

I have a couple of new outlets for my writing in the works, which I plan on sharing as soon as they are posted.

At the DEMA show, I was able to talk to a number of people that I would not of been able to with out that event. I am hopeful that some of these new introductions will lead to articles for my readers enjoyment and education.

Scuba Diving Nomad

Scuba Diving Nomad

Freelance Writing Scuba Diving Related

Recent Freelance Writing Scuba Diving Related Publications

Freelance writing covers a broad range of skills. This is the first in a series of articles in which I will highlight some of the material that is appearing on the web. Item that are written as a ghostwriter may or maynot appear depending on the terms of the assignments

Recent articles with Charles W Davis Jr. or Scuba Diving Nomad Byline.

freelance writer for scuba diving topics. this is San Quintin Previously S/S Andes Cunard Lines

San Quintin Previously S/S Andes Cunard Lines

Dive Advisor featured my write up on the San Quintin in their March 6, 2016  weekly newsletter.

webmaster and feature writer for Sbda subic bay dive association They also carried my article about Subic Bay Diving that I wrote in support of the Subic Bay Dive Association’s new website that I am also the webmaster for.




freelance writer for scuba diving topics. What is your Favorite subic bay Wreck?

What is your Favorite Subic Bay Wreck?

freelance writer for Deeper blue scuba writingDeeper Blue has published 6 articles in what should be a weekly assignment, two more are awaiting publication, see the list on my Deeper Blue author page — Charles Davis   I was very pleasantly surprised to see my article “The 4 Best Remote Liveaboard Destinations” have over 2k shares.
freelance writing scuba johan's beach and dive resort
We are near the one year mark for the Johan’s Beach and Dive Resort webpage. I created and maintain this page and coordinate the facebook marketing. Johan has his main site that he wishes to keep, but it is difficult to update and won’t accept blogs. So I created this site. 3 articles a month on average for the website and 6 entries a month on facebook.  I have also written a few articles on DiveBuddy. It a great website, however, they do not pay for publications. It has proven useful to posting promotional material for myself and clients.

Freelance writing — Ghostwritten Material

I am currently doing some SEO task and articles for These are integrated into other content so it difficult to refer to.

I am also doing some editing and articles for and two of thier clients. The articles are ghostwritten.