Chiang Mai Walking Tour Photo-essay

Wat Chiang Yuen Chiang Mai walking tour

Chiang Mai Walking Tour Photo-essay I did a Chiang Mai Walking Tour Photo-essay for an online magazine about 7 years ago. The photographs were taken in December 2010. I spent about a month in Thailand with 2 friends joining me for the second week and another friend joining me the Continue Reading →

Philippine Eagle Foundation Davao

Philippine Eagle Foundation Davao While in Davao Philippines recently, I visited the Philippine Eagle Foundation’s conservation Center. It took an hour by Grab to get to the center which is in the outskirts of Davao City. The Philippine Eagle, (Scientific Name: Pithecophaga jefferyi) also known as the monkey eating eagle Continue Reading →

Trotters Harness Racing Paris Style


Standardbred Racing with a Twist. The evening I spend watching the trotters race at the Vincennes Hippodrome in Paris was great. I mention some of the highlights of the track in the post VINCENNES HIPPODROME OF PARIS. The racing experience was different as well. Yes they were racing standardbreds, but Continue Reading →

Churches of Pampanga Philippines

Churches of Pampanga Philippines From the late 1500’s to 1898, the Philippines were a colony of Spain. The Spanish’s mandate from the Pope was to find new lands and convert the heathens to Christianity. At the time, the Lubao River and what is now called the Betis River were navigable Continue Reading →