Kayaking More Than Something To Do

Kayaking was not an activity that I had considered when I was younger. Had been canoeing a few times as a teenager and was even forced into a team outing while in Germany with double kayaks, but never did enjoy it. Part of that may have been due to my poor swimming ability. I never became a “First Class” Boy Scout because of swimming. In fact, I only needed a swimming merit badge to have all I needed to become an Eagle Scout.  It took me years to become a scuba diver, again because of the swimming requirement. Luckily, the standards changed to something more reasonable from my point of view, and I have been a certified diver for about 25 years.

Kayaking Erie Canal Lock 33 Kayaking Erie Canal Lock 33

A few years back, I started looking into trying kayaking. The Rochester area has many outstanding lakes, streams, and rivers to explore. After finding, I liked it, and knowing a life jacket is required, I started kayaking often enough that getting my own became a reasonable activity.

Erie Canal Water Trail Lock 32, Erie Canal Water Trail

Kayaking is a way to get away from a hectic life. Even in the middle of a busy city like Rochester, you can be transported to a quiet place.  It is also great exercise, working the core and upper body.

If you never tried it, give it a chance. There are many places you can rent kayaks until you are ready for your own.