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Local Travel Photo Essays

One of the first books I wrote as a ghostwriter was about Travel Photography. There is a chapter focusing on looking at local destinations for your travel photography inspirations.  You do not need to live in a world-famous destination to create wonderful travel photographs. By extension, this applies to your photo essays as well.

We often overlook our own backyards. When I was living near Washington, DC, I was shocked by the number of times I encountered locals who never visited the local sights.

Visit your local area more. You may be surprised at the number of people that visit your area as a tourist. Spending a lot of money to do so. Recently, the term staycation has become popular. This is taking vacations while staying at home. While waiting for my luggage to arrive at my local airport, I  wander over to the racks of brochures for local tourist attractions, some I had never heard of a few I knew but had not visited.

Give yourself a treat and explore your local area. It could be a nice day trip or an overnight stay. It is a great habit to get into, and it helps support the local economy. Not only that, but it might open your eyes to what is really great about living where you do.

Here are some photo essays that are local to me, I hope you enjoy them.